Saturday, November 6, 2010


*SMS/Email/Fill In Form/Call Us For Reservation
*Any Cancellation Let Us Know in 2 Day Early (Otherwise Blacklisted)
*If Reservation For 1 Month Early, We Need Some Deposit to Verify Your Reservation.Will Give You D Company Account Number Upon Request. Notes: Please Keep D Bank In Slip.
*Customer Is Required To Procure A Copy Of ID Card and A Valid Driving License.
*In The Duration Of Rent, Customer Responsible For:
  • Any Kind Of Damage/Lost/Faulty Formation to Any Parts/Equipment Of The Vehicle
  • Any Kind Of Summons/Compound/Fine Issued By Police/JPJ etc
*In Case Of Accident Or Thievery, Customer's Liability To Pay:
  • Total Cost Damage/Loss
  • Management Cost Of RM1,300
  • Rental Payment Should Paid Half Perday According To The Type Of Vehicle During The Repairing Period.
*Company Will Not Be Responsible For The Safety Of The Customer
*If The Vehicle Is Not Returned By Time Specified And/ Without Prior Notice Within 12 Hours, Police Report Will Be Made.
*A Fine Of RM10-RM40 Per Hour Will Be Charge If Customer Exceed The Time Limit Prior Notification To The Company.